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Post on: 04-05-2010

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Post on: 02-10-2015

Female Masturbation: Every Woman's Orgasm is Unique. Volume II It's been sometime since I wathced the first of this series on female masturbation from a group that are collectively known as the Welcomed Consensus, whose aim is to promote female sexuality. When they informed me that they had produced a second female masturbation video I simply had to review it. There are so few DVDs on the market, that are produced by anyone other than the big companies that deal with this subject, that I am always interested in the smaller productions. So I settled down one evening and began to view. If like me you have already viewed volume 1 then you will be familiar with the Welcomed Consensus technique of peaking as they have dubbed it. The good news here is that nothing about this video is dubbed, something that I found refreshing in the sound bite world we live in. The video opens with the message that the clitoris contains more nerve endings than any other part of the body and is followed by the member of the team who will give the demonstration entering a bedroom that I would love -)) An uncluttered one, simple in design but with plenty of pillows. Susan who demonstrates the techniques for us is not naked and simply pulls her slip up to make herself comfortable. Next follows a short biology lesson, if you have no idea which part of the female anatomy is which, and yes I'm talking to the females as well, then this is a definite plus. As the narrator tells us which part is which, Susan points to them. She then takes a small hand mirror and views her genitals, something that many women would benefit from doing. From there on in this video get more interesting as Susan begins to touch herself after applying some lubrication. What I really enjoyed as I wathced was the fact that I was privy to something that as a female it is almost impossible for me to view, how a females lips swell and change color as she became more aroused. It was wonderful to see the contractions of the vulva correspond with the sounds that were being made as Susan became more aroused and I should say also extremely erotic. Periodically, Susan would add more lubricant or take a break and examine her genitals in the hand mirror once more. At the end, she takes a face cloth and applies it to her vulva in order to remove excess moisture and lube before settling down and relaxing as many of us do after a good orgasm. The video ends with a few simple well-chosen phrases and is a perfect closure for this video. What's it all add up to? If you're looking for an action packed adventure film then this is not the one for you. On the other hand, if your interested in a slower paced film where you get to play voyeur to something real that many of us may never experience first hand and are likely to learn something to boot, then you might want to take a look at this. The emphasis is on the woman's enjoyment and the fact that taking your time is important. There are just the right amount of close ups and longer body shots and the fact that this is a simple film with a professional type production only added to my experience as a viewer. I came away from this experience turned on, and wanting to find my own space to experiment with oh and I also now own a small hand mirror. I suddenly became aware that I had rarely wathced myself and I learned from this video just how much a female genitals can and do change as they become more aroused. In a world full of man made porn it was so great to find a company that focuses on female pleasure. Pleasures of a Woman in Orgasm: Elle. Volume IV  I've been lucky enough to review all of the volumes in an ever growing library from this small group of sexuality educators, and each one they bring out shows something new and different. This particular volume deals with a woman's orgasm and the pleasure that umm pleasuring yourself can obtain. Elle is an extremely pretty young lady. The DVD begins as we watch Elle prepare for a self-pleasuring session. She begins by exploring every nook and cranny of her skin, something that I think is important and was glad to see brought out in the DVD. Slowly she undresses in front of a large oval mirror, which adds to the seductive images that the whole scenario creates. Once undressed, Elle lies back, and we are treated to a short but sweet anatomy lesson. It's worth mentioning here it was nice to see an unshaven vulva for once in a video. As Elle begins to masturbate, she uses a technique described as the deliberate orgasm, a technique that I have tried myself and works very well. The idea is to keep yourself on the edge, to feel the peaks and flows of pleasure but never quite fall over the precipice of orgasm itself until you really feel you can't wait any longer. Elle demonstrates this technique


Post on: 11-10-2015

Pray, kneel down and ask God to help u. Do counselling and I think tiryng to be more adventrous in bed that could also help. Make it fun for both of u cuz it has to be fun for u as well. But pray with faith cuz there is nothing in dis world God cannot do when u have faith