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Post on: 22-10-2009

This is the   value to me of Badiou s position that when contemporary philosophic   thinking does encounter a term,  women,  for instance,  it is   not in the sense of a naming whose referent would need to be represented,   but rather in the sense of being laid out in a series wherein the term   subsists only through the ordered play of its founding connections. ,


Post on: 03-10-2015

Once, on an extended visit home, my room was being peatnid one night when I had a female visitor. My parents asked me if I would like to use their room. They then left, saying they would be back around 2 or 3 in the morning.It turned out I had no choice as the house was full of guests and no other space was free. It felt weird and creepy.. but a room was a room, and she was hot.My parents are hippies


Post on: 23-12-2015

i agree, i think it'll eventually be like gold. maybe not as high value but will go up a lot in value. i wish i geottn on gold back when it was $300. one of those  should've could've  you know.


Post on: 13-05-2016

HAPPY HOLI TO ALL ! and i miss holi so much like anyother felslvais…Specialty during festivals we miss home like anythin..Yea  it’s hindu origintated  festival but i’ve played holi with my frens with other religions too, back home …It’s a festival of joy,color n friendship lets celebrate it that way…Lets not bring religion in between..Happy n safe holi


Post on: 13-05-2016

yes it makes great cheese. no no no you cant. I would have to ask why you would even ask such a qunsitoe? who ever told you this you should slap them.


Post on: 05-02-2017

rho dis donc moi aussi suis une cÃlÃl©a©es/rait addict ^^ Une grande n’enfant quoi En voila un theme qui donne de quoi se tordre les méninges, et qui selon comment on le perçoit peut avoir plus d’un sens ! Une belle semaine en perspective !