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Post on: 02-10-2010

How do you do?
I am 31 years old woman and I live in Venezuela, Santa Rosa. My interests it is a family and spiritual self-improvement. For a long time dreamed to make international friends


Post on: 03-10-2015

No matter whteher you are inside a relationship or otherwise, hence cheating on someone or an individual.  Can there be this type of factor as sex addiction?  Tiger Forest thinks he is able to overcome his sex addiction, but would you believe that it is an issue or perhaps is it simply a situation he loved it and thought he could pull it off?Could it be the earth's last taboo?  That it's still looked lower upon when individuals enjoy sleeping with a lot of people?Great to listen to your sights and opinions about this subject.


Post on: 03-10-2015

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Post on: 11-10-2015

I can imagine wat u r going thru. My boss at work wahects porn all day n also masturbates in d office..... Its so disgusting especially wen he tries to touch me or hold my hands.... Am not related to him but am extremely disgusted and I just pity his wife!!!


Post on: 23-12-2015

yes. look at every married man that you know(thats not amish-they don't have porn) all men look at porn) aleibt they may not know it. we all do.


Post on: 23-12-2015

You thought you were the only one doing it, but then it soppted being a big secret and it turned out that everyone did it  That's it, go ahead and ruin my day. Am I to stripped of every vestige of orginality?Well, I know one thing, maybe everybody's doing it, but they can't do it as well.


Post on: 13-05-2016

‘Glory be’, with the ‘world without end’. I do think that this version of the Gloria Patri is essential, because it is used for the rosary – and thus uses our Catholic sacral vernacular. Neltherevess, I think that this will be a much faster process than the Missal; the ordinary will take some time, but it is mostly a matter of fitting the Revised Grail Psalms into their appropriate format. Still, I hope that a different version of scripture is used – maybe the ESV planned for the Australian lectionary, but that’s a story for another day…


Post on: 05-02-2017

And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me stiarght.