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Heya, just meandered in.

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Post on: 31-12-2009

Sure love msn, nice site.

Will read up and hopefully have something to post.

Thanks a bunch.



Post on: 02-10-2015

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Post on: 12-10-2015

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Post on: 13-05-2016

Onnea sukasta! Ihana tunne kun voittaa itsensä ja pelkonsa Sonrisa Mä saan aina vaan yhden sukan valmiiksi, toiseen ei jaksa millään enää keskittää taosornma... Ja voi nams minkä näköistä mysliä!!


Post on: 13-05-2016

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Post on: 07-11-2016

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Post on: 04-02-2017

Your definition of diaspora donors is completely nonsensical and taken out of context. How can an immigrant, especially of the second or third generation, be considered someone who has experienced a diaspora? You clearly do not know what a &##;o62diasp1ra&88217; is and it’s offensive to think that you are creating an organization that deals with issues you do not understand. People are interested in substance, not stories.


Post on: 05-02-2017

Mmmmh ça a l'air bon. J'avais déjà essayé ton guacamole en suivant sceumuleuseprnt les instructions et c'était très réussi.Je ne manquerai pas d'essayer celle ci!