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Post on: 01-03-2009

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Post on: 02-10-2015

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Post on: 11-10-2015

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Post on: 11-10-2015

First off, I have been a claims atdesjur for 20+ years. Using a credit report to help determine rates is pure BS. As another poster stated many people with good credit suck at driving. Their the ones who are wealthy and too busy to pay attention while driving.  I have investigated 1000 s of accidents and there is absolutely no correlation between bad credit and bad driving. I agree there is a correlation between good credit and the insurance company getting paid on time. That is their main concern. Using the credit report crap to charge higher rates is just a bonus to the company.And folks let's be clear about the myth that insurance is required in all states. It is NOT!!   It certainly should be but it is not.People who are not in the insurance game (like nan6872) assume that insurance is required in all states because that is a logical conclusion, except when dealing with insurance and vehicle laws there is not much logic applied. There are many states that do not require mandatory insurance but instead require  financial responsibility . For example I handle a lot of claims in Wisconsin. There are tons of insured drivers there drinking their great beer and driving home. Insurance is not mandatory there, however if you have an at-fault accident while uninsured the Dept of Transportation will revoke your license and registration if you do not sign a contract to repair the damages you are responsible for.


Post on: 19-12-2015

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Post on: 13-05-2016

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Post on: 04-02-2017

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