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Post on: 30-08-2010

TAMERA    TILLIE   "I've got more money than you'll ever see in your l   KRISTIAN


Post on: 02-10-2015

Of course the video was meant to be Ironic? ..and was pblarboy compiled by a woman? or women? .think I got the joke.Most of  us  sensible  blokes  realise it's all pure SciFi as do you women? don't you?Amateur porn, with all it's fair share of reality, is far more worthy and true to the cause well, I think it is?Or are you drawn in to the fantasy as much as some men are? And that Includes Lesbian/Gay porn too??Just a thought.Gr8X


Post on: 03-10-2015

Listed here are a couple of good exmleaps:   Be vocally abusive towards both you and your other children.   Lied for you concerning the things they have been doing.   Constantly disobeyed you.   Used drugs and driken despite your constant alerts of past family substance abuse and alcoholism.   Stole your vehicle in the center of the evening and total it.I really like my buddy, but I am fed up with his Bull$!it! What should my loved ones do about his behavior?


Post on: 11-10-2015

1) I am not at all sure porn is  an easy way to make lots of money is a short time. 2) I am highly siuoicspus of this boyfriend. THEY need money, so she SHE should do porn? I smell some sort of agenda on his part.


Post on: 23-12-2015

The thought uriynledng it is not too dissimilar from that great "We know what guys are really thinking" campaign for ESPN a few years back.But I agree, we are rarely this funny.Stupid products.


Post on: 05-02-2017

hi!!sangat teruja jumpa blog pasal dak DIIM.. teruskan ar promote kos nie..seriously x susah kos nie klu suka men#aca&m&b8217;hafal(saya cakap sbb sya dah habis dgn jayanya)..infact dah sng sbb bnyk sbjek dah rombak tuk dak OBE plus skrng nie juz 5 sem jer..cuma rugi sbb dah xder programming yg penting sbb dgree t ada system..hope pas nie org x pndang sebelah mata dekat bdk IM..


Post on: 05-02-2017

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