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Post on: 16-02-2011

Hello there,  
I'm a new user here.  
Just needed to say hi to everyone.  
I'm from London and only just found this web page.  
Good to see a lot of other folks using the same passions.


Post on: 21-08-2015

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Post on: 11-10-2015

People think porn n masturbation is jst a pasiychl tng and dt if u put ur mind 2 it u can stop..truth is its actually very spiritual,u can't stop without the help of God..Talk 2ur husband about how this makes u feel and hw its affecting ur marriage...pray about it and I wld advise that he memorizes 2nd cor:10;5..don't give up on ur husband..make a conscious effort 2 help ur sex life too..Gudluck


Post on: 11-10-2015

Didn't you read the complaint?? She divscoered this father she got married. It is not her fault...bull crap advice from people maybe you're neglecting him, maybe your not having enough sex...please the man has a serious demonic hold. Speak to his family and yours.bring it to the open. give him an ultimatum to seek proper help. You don't deserve it. Pray for him but don't be involved in his sodomic lifestyle


Post on: 11-10-2015

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Post on: 28-10-2015

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Post on: 08-11-2015

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Post on: 17-12-2015

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Post on: 19-12-2015

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Post on: 19-12-2015

Christiane - Anne Geddes watch out 'cause you got some SERIOUS competition!!!!!! AWESOME pix, cuestt ever baby!Having seen other pics faithfully posted by Brecken on FB, I have to say I have never seen a baby smile that much from day 1! She is one happy camper right alongside her blessed parents!SOOOO happy for you guys, congratulations!