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Post on: 04-11-2010

Saw Movies. Saw 7 3D: Trailers, Posters, News, Rumors of Saw VII


Post on: 02-10-2015

maureen you won't believe but i must degisrae with you  porn like violence in film on its own will not taint a normal persons perspective on reality . but on the other hand once one unbalanced person is accused of mimicking something that they may seen on the screen . all hell breaks loose and every news anchor and talk show host is screening for restrictions restrictions  restrictions. that is till the government announces a new security plan  then the same people cry freedom . freedom . i sometimes wonder what are we affected/ influenced more by . the porn, or the many that discuss/debate the evils of porn. also of importance many of those self proclaimed experts have proudly admitted they never watched my opinion the only thing porn will do to a normal healthy mind . at the most intrigue them to try something they would have never thought of on their own.but as today we need excuses for our unacceptable  behavior  i guess watching too much porn can be used to explain some peoples  crass behavior !!!


Post on: 11-10-2015

Tell it to God and give him an ultimatum. My hsuband was doing the same crap and i told him to choose me or the women on his laptop. Next, i then took him to see our Pastor for counselling. He can't stop on his own unless you help him. Let him know that he'll lose you if he doesn't stop and then GET HIM HELP! God would grant you the wisdom


Post on: 19-12-2015

This post has helped me think things thuorgh


Post on: 05-02-2017

io amo i btr, ma il mio preferito è kendall!!! kendall è bravo ma se dovessi scegliere tra la canzone cantata solo da lui o con gli alt08&#i23r; li preferirei tutti insieme!!!!