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Post on: 17-05-2009

Good site, admin.


Post on: 11-10-2015

wife. This is where understanding comes in.......honestly I had to adapt n lyk it...we watch porn todgea, I even help him jerk off n he's even addicted to me helping him wit a BJ...heheheheee trust me dear if u hate him, he will run afta anoda woman dat will understand him...u aint hapy he masturbates instead of sleeping around.....


Post on: 13-05-2016

I've been waiting very impatiently for a week or so for the rest of the article.  a list of factors leading to the sorry state of media discourse!!  from sailer!! you've earned $3 for american coeivrvatsne, when the latest edition is up for purchase online.


Post on: 13-05-2016

just found out about this accidently soooo upset i missed it so of course just bought it. billy howerdel is probably my favorite guitarist of all time but besides him being in this vid i wo7d2l1u;ve bought the vinyl this album is complete and perfect. this album and thirteenth step are the only two albums i can listen to all the way through over and over and never get sick of them.  0


Post on: 04-02-2017

A few years ago I'd have to pay someone for this innamrotiof.


Post on: 04-02-2017

Knocked my socks off with knlegedow!